Cut the Apron Strings! Have You Done That In Your Life Yet?

Cut the Apron StringsCut The Apron Strings

You’ve probably heard the saying, “cut the apron strings.” Have you done that? When you are a young person you follow the advice and suggestions that your parents give you. However, as you get older, your personality requires that you begin making your own choices. Again, this popular saying about “cutting your apron strings” applies to anyone who is attempting to become their own person.

At some point in your life, you are going to have to technically cut these strings and begin making your own choices and decisions. While this may be fairly easy for some folks, others may find this difficult.

If you were brought up in a home where everything was done for you, it may be hard to let go of some of this dependence on another person. However, you don’t really need to cut your apron strings all in one day. You can begin by looking for ways to become more independent so that you can live your own life.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to be inconsiderate or cut any contacts with your family. Instead, you simply need to take some responsibility for your own actions, and for your life.

If you do have to cut those apron strings then do it one step at a time. Make a conscientious effort to not ask someone else automatically to do something for you. Rather, it’s a good idea to fend for yourself and see if you aren’t able to get the task completed alone. The feeling of satisfaction will be huge when you have conquered a project along. This is a great way to boost your self-confidence for sure.

I read an interesting article by Lynn O’Shaughness. She is the author of The College Solution and she also blogs about college for CBSMoneyWatch.

She wrote in Parents of Teenagers: Cut the Apron Strings:

“Here’s my advice for the day: Cut the apron strings.

I have run into so many parents with talented teenagers who want their kids to stay close to home when they start college. By insisting on this, they severely limit their teenagers’ college choices.

I ran into one of these mom’s today at the dentist office when I was getting a crown. My dental hygienist was lamenting that her son is struggling to get through San Diego State because he can’t get the classes he needs at this overcrowded, underfunded school.

She tries to explain the beauty of liberal arts colleges to the dental hygienist and the phenomenal education that could be had at a cost that would probably be comparable to San Diego State. That is if she will consider cutting the apron strings.”

I think that’s a good point made by Lynn O’Shaughness. We need to cut the apron strings before it’s too late.

Cut the Apron StringsAre you still living at home and allowing your mom to cook your meals, do your laundry and more? Then why not do the opposite and lessen her burden by cooking yourself for the family. Of offer to do some of the laundry for a change. Perhaps it’s time to break out of the mold entirely and move into your own apartment

For sure, making any kind of change in life can be a little unnerving. However, once you are able to make a change, you will that much better a person for it. Are you concerned about not being able to pay your rent on time? Learn to budget your paycheck and always try and save enough money so that you have some saved up to be ahead with your payments. In this way, if you ever get sick or your work hours are cut you at least know that you will be able to pay the rent.

If you want to fulfill your desires and dreams then it is essential that you do cut the apron strings and start on your journey. A new you will emerge that everybody around you will be proud of.

Dr. Murrey Donaldson is a psychologist, author, and counseling mentor working with people to help them define goals and plan action to achieve personal, social, educational, vocational and spiritual development and adjustment. If you’re interested in getting started with the journey to personal growth and taking your life to the next level, find out more by downloading your Improve Your Life Quality and get started today.

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