About Dr. Murrey Donaldson

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I’m a Christian psychologist, teacher, author, and speaker residing in northern California. I live with my wife and four boys, love the outdoors and walk almost every day.

This website is where I work most days. I write about Christian motivation and human potential.

For twenty-three years I worked in a school district with children and families in the Head Start Program in Sacramento, which serves three and four-year-olds. After some considerable thought and prayer, I made the decision to leave that life behind in 2016. I have always wanted to start a Christian business online to reach more people and provide help and services.

I received a BA and Teaching Credential in English, an M.Div. (Master of Divinity Degree) in Bible, a Masters Degree in MFCC (Marriage, Family, Child Counseling), and a Doctorate Degree in Family Counseling.  This education has helped me tremendously in working with individuals and families.

I’ve written more than seventy-five mystery/thriller books (under the pen name, Teddy Donaldson), including Down South, Out West, Secret Haunts, and Gone. I have also written romantic short stories, parenting, and budgeting books. I enjoy public speaking and have spoken numerous times at school-related conferences and workshops, as well as preaching and teaching in Africa and Russia. Reading is a passion of mine and I love browsing through old bookshops. My favorite books to read are self-help, historical novels, and biographies.

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